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Crisis Management

Help for your people and organization when it’s needed the most.

i_emergencyLightsCrises are always unexpected, but you can do a lot to reduce your risk, even if you can’t eliminate it. Plan ahead and be ready to act when your organization experiences tragedy or crisis. When crisis strikes, know your first-responders.

Ulliance will provide expert 24/7 support when your employees experience personal loss, accidents, violence, or when tragedy touches your organization. Our specialized incident and crisis management team can help your employees, leadership, and HR professionals effectively manage post-crisis reactions through calm, caring, and immediate intervention.

It’s an alarm we hope you never have to sound. But if you do, Ulliance pledges to provide expert support around the clock.

Ulliance Delivers Expert Support When You Need It Most

  • Sudden death or illness of an employee
  • Workplace conflicts and/or acts of aggression
  • Violent robberies
  • Suicide
  • Auto, motorcycle, or plane accident
  • Natural disaster
  • Broad selection of work/life services and materials
  • The completely and utterly unexpected


Why Choose Ulliance as Your Crisis Management Partner?

  • 24-hour expert support and intervention
  • Expert help to stabilize organizational crisis
  • Specialized crisis management team
  • On-site debriefings and in-person grief counseling
  • Fast response for sudden crises
  • Assistance for troubled employees with personal and performance problems in crisis

To speak with a Business Development Representative, call 1-866-648-8326 or email at information@ulliance.com.