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Ulliance Client Testimonials

Ulliance began serving a single client organization with 78 employees in 1990. Since then, Ulliance has grown to provide complete workforce services to organizations of various sizes in a variety of industries including manufacturing, education, technology, communication, healthcare, government, service, and financial services.

Our broad selection of services, materials, and resources not only positively impacts an organization’s staff; it can often mean a big boost to the bottom line.

For example, Ulliance’s Life Advisor Wellness service line can enhance your employee’s health and promote positive behavior. Studies show healthy, productive employees use 41 percent fewer sick days and reduce workplace accidents up to 61 percent.

Ulliance’s Organizational Development Consulting can help your supervisors strengthen their skills to become more effective and efficient leaders. Studies confirm that strong management can result in an 81 percent employee retention rate.

Are you looking for cost savings? Ulliance can save your organization $5 to $16 for every dollar invested in Ulliance’s Life Advisor EAP.

Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about Ulliance:

  • “We chose Ulliance as our EAP but then discovered they provide much more – wellness coaching, employee training, even outplacement support. We’ve eliminated other suppliers and made Ulliance our single source, saving us time and money.  It was a smart move for us.”
    ~ Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources & Legal Services
    Farmington Public Schools
  • “The Human Effectiveness Training experts at Ulliance are extremely responsive. We had an emergency request from one of our locations for a specific training. We were able to speak to a training expert on a Friday afternoon and explain our needs for an early Monday morning on-site training. They also do a great job providing our EAP.”
    ~Vice President Benefits & Compensation,
    Tower International
  • “Ulliance is a key partner to our wellness program. Value added services include: individual coaching, program design and management. The contributions from Ulliance have helped to make the wellness program a best in class offering.”
    ~Director Total Compensation & Wellness
    Wayne State University
  • “Ulliance has been a valued strategic EAP partner with IAC for several years. Due to our high level of satisfaction, we have expanded our services with them to include providing Human Effectiveness Training which has been very well received by our employees.”
    ~Senior Vice President Human Resources
    International Automotive Components (IAC)
  • “TI Automotive has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Ulliance. Even during times of austerity, where every cost is scrutinized, Ulliance’s unique Flexible Visit Model has proven to be the most cost effective and employees appreciated the EAP approach. Ulliance’s professional, direct, hands-on engagement has motivated us to add their Transition Services to our partnership.”
    ~Chief Human Resources & Communications Officer
    TI Automotive
  • “I appreciate the services that Ulliance provided. The employee assistance program has been a great help to our department. Since the fire services department is recognizing the increase of suicide and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, we need to support our employees. I personally have seen that it makes a difference.”
    ~Fire Chief
    City of Southfield, Fire Dept.