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Life Advisor Wellness Programs

Because we’re not in the business of lowering cholesterol. We’re in the business of improving people.

By choosing the best wellness program for your company, you can make a difference in both your employees’ health-related wellness_0behaviors and your bottom line. For every $1 you invest in a wellness program you can save $3 to $5 in healthcare costs as your employees reduce their risk behaviors such as smoking, obesity and ER visits. All Ulliance wellness programs include dedicated wellness coordinators who help keep your program on track. And our behavioral change experts address the whole person by developing personalized action plans that incorporate their hobbies and personal lifestyles to create successful paths toward permanent change.

Here are some benefits of Learn Morethe Life Advisor Wellness Programs:

  • Improved employee health status resulting in healthier, more productive employees
  • Lower healthcare costs by decreasing employee health risk factors
  • A unique “solution-focused” wellness coaching model
  • Wellness coaching by licensed behavioral health experts
  • Personalized wellness plans and consumer education
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Genuine, long-term behavior change
  • Wellness programs designed to meet your goals and budget
  • Dedicated wellness coordinators and multiple checkpoints throughout the year to help keep your program on track

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Why Choose Ulliance as Your Employee Wellness Partner?

Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Health Through Customized, Behavior-Based Wellness Programs

Key Program Differentiators

  • Dedicated Wellness Account Managers to keep your people and program on track all year
  • Solution-Focused Wellness Coaching with behavior-based outreach calls
  • Comprehensive Programs that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs and budgets