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Voice Your Concern Report Line

Your employees are the eyes and ears of your organization. What do they know that you don’t?

i_reportIn every organization, employees can encounter unprofessional, unsafe, or unethical situations, and they often don’t know where to turn. With more than 25 years of experience working with HR, we know that your employees are the eyes and ears of your organization, and the Voice Your Concern Report Line gives your employees a toll-free, confidential number to report workplace concerns. Our experienced representatives will ask callers a series of questions to establish the issue and the nature of their concern. The information is then reported anonymously to your designated human resources professionals or management team, helping you establish and maintain a work environment that is safe and respectful to both employees and customers.

Not a complaint line, Voice Your Concern Report Line is an affordable way to protect your work environment, offer a positive solution to employees, and demonstrate the high value you place on integrity.

Key features of the Voice Your Concern Report Line:

  • An anonymous employee report line
  • A tool to reduce lawsuits and employer liability with early awareness and intervention
  • A solution that meets Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
  • A strong risk management tool
  • A highly affordable option that supports best practice efforts


Why Choose Ulliance as Your Employee Report Line Partner?

Affordable, Safe, and Smart—Ulliance Is Your Answer for Keeping Your Organization Safe from Diverse Risks

  • Harassment, discrimination, and other respect-related concerns
  • Workplace violence or threats
  • On-site substance abuse or safety threats
  • Fraud, theft, and waste

To speak with a Business Development Representative, call 1-866-648-8326 or email at information@ulliance.com.