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Nicotine Cessation Program

DAY ONE™, is a personalized, solution-focused nicotine cessation program that addresses nicotine dependence to empower people to make lifestyle changes toward a nicotine free life. The program consists of three central components:

  • a Preparing to Stop Guide featuring self-reflection questions for journaling;
  • a Starter Pack with cessation tools and Allen Carr’s book “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” that aligns with the Ulliance DAY ONE™ philosophy; and,
  • a series of coaching sessions based on journaling responses and book review.

DAY ONE™ is designed for cigarette, smokeless tobacco (dip, chew, snuff) and E-cigarette users. The program is offered through a solution-focused Ulliance Life Advisor Wellness® program, created to help employees enhance their personal and professional lives, which in turn optimizes business operations. Ulliance is introducing DAY ONE™ in response to many of its client companies transitioning to nicotine-free worksites.

DAY ONE™ meets participants where they are today in their nicotine habit. The process begins with participants answering the guide’s “miracle question” of what life would look like if they miraculously awoke one day as a non-nicotine user. That response helps set the direction for the year-long journey.  A counselor creates a custom starter pack (box) that is sent to the participants home with tools to assist them throughout their journey.

DAY ONE™ includes six scheduled coaching calls within the first 100 days with the initial call focusing on assessing the participant’s current nicotine habit and developing coping skills to address the triggers and underlying issues (such as stress) that lead to nicotine use. Follow up calls are scheduled for months six, nine and 12, though participants can reach out to their wellness coach as many times as necessary throughout the one-year process. Participants’ reflections to Preparing to Stop questions, as well as review of “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” readings, are discussed during each coaching call.

For more about the DAY ONE™ nicotine cessation program and all Ulliance Life Advisor Wellness® programs, call (866) 648-8326.