Support For Displaced and Remaining Employees

Every organization finds it necessary to reorganize or resize its workforce at some time. Having an effective career transitions services team in place can help ease the pain. Ulliance offers emotional support, career coaching and other tools your employees need to effectively transition to their new position at a new employer.

As part of our Career Transitions Services, we’ll teach your managers and supervisors how to effectively deal with employees undergoing reductions, restructurings, buyouts or site closings. We’ll train and coach former employees during their transition and job search—at one site or multiple sites across the country—while supporting the remaining employees to maintain productivity.

At Ulliance, we provide not only the standard training on how to find a new job, we’ll also address the significant emotional impact on employees and their family—all with fees that are on average, 20 to 30 percent less than competitor programs.

ulliance career transitions services give OUR CLIENTS WHAT THEY WANT:

  • Higher level of services at lower rates (typically 20%-30% less)
  • Increased Human Resources support and consultation
  • Personal service and fast response to urgent situations
  • Improved employee morale by helping employees move forward
  • National coverage
  • Coverage ranging from one person to an entire site closing
  • Multiple customized outplacement packages
  • Experts at addressing the emotional side of job loss
  • Support for remaining employees


“I was very anxious after being laid off, but the Career Transition Workshop that Ulliance provided made me feel more confident to update my resume and start my career search.”Career Transition Workshop Attendee