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eapMost Employee Assistance Programs look the same on the surface, with a predictable set of services that all claim to meet your precise needs, when in fact, they deliver very different results. The current practice for many EAP providers is to sell you what you want, then deliver a program that falls short. Some providers have even given EAP’s a bad name with low employee participation rates and cookie-cutter approaches to individual problems. You need an EAP that both resolves your employees’ emotional issues and meets your bottom line goals. We feel your pain—so we’ve created an EAP that is unique among service models and provides meaningful results at the end of the day. Our participation rates are double the national average, and we resolve most of the employee’s / family’s issues within our EAP, providing fast assistance while avoiding expensive healthcare claims costs.

We deliver measurable results. Through Ulliance’s Resolution EAP Model, 94 percent of employees and their families experiencing work-life, substance abuse and other emotional difficulties, are managed within our EAP. By using our unique, solution-focused, short-term counseling process your employees don’t need to be referred out beyond the EAP to expensive counseling through their healthcare plan, resulting in lower employer healthcare claims costs, and no out-of-pocket expense for employees.

At Ulliance, our Life AdvisoLearn Morer EAP is designed for complete customization and to deliver bottom line results. We get to know your organization, employees and challenges, and create a program that perfectly matches your current people and ROI needs and is ready to adapt with agility to the inevitable changes that every organization undergoes. Not all EAPs are the same, which is why you can’t just compare services – you have to compare results.

Here’s some proof from our client partners that Ulliance delivers success — and savings:

  • A large client company, reported a $2,869,769 cost savings in the area of mental / nervous and substance abuse benefits
  • A small client company saved $27,000 annually by decreasing behavioral healthcare claims costs on its self-funded medical plan
  • In just one year, a hospital recognized a 50% reduction in its mental health and substance abuse claims
  • A large international company had outpatient mental / nervous and substance abuse healthcare claims 25% below their peer group, per an analysis by Mcap

Don’t buy an EAP – invest in one

There are two ways you can approach selecting an EAP: as a consumer who only expects to receive a minimum service or as an investor who expects to receive a return. With the Ulliance Life Advisor EAP, the smarter you invest, the more you gain.


Why Choose Ulliance as Your EAP Partner?

Ulliance Delivers Success and Savings Through our Resolution EAP Model:

  • Flexible number of face-to-face sessions resulting in decreased behavioral healthcare claims costs – 94% of clients managed within our EAP
  • Lower EAP costs
  • Robust EAP website offering valuable work/life content with a child and elder care search locator
  • Broad selection of work/life services and materials to support your employees at any stage of life
  • A Guided Behavioral Care model that integrates with your medical plans to better coordinate care
  • Dedicated account managers with advanced degrees to advise on work performance issues
  • Higher level of participation – double the national rate, therefore, maximizing your EAP’s value and ROI
  • Managing your increased behavioral healthcare costs associated with the federally mandated Mental Health Parity laws

To speak with a Business Development Representative, call 1-866-648-8326 or email at information@ulliance.com.