We’ve got your HR challenges covered

Brokers & Consultants

Are all brokers and healthcare consultants the same? Ulliance does not believe so and neither are Employee Assistance and Wellness providers. Let us bring valuable added services to your clients while helping you drive business growth and build client relationships by offering exceptional human resources services:

  • Learn MoreLife Advisor EAP: Solution-based counseling to manage workplace conflicts, address personal concerns, and embrace life challenges
  • Life Advisor Wellness: Promote long-term behavioral changes, impact your client’s employees’ overall health and lower healthcare costs by offering comprehensive and customizable wellness programs
  • Human Effectiveness Training: Educate client’s employees about important workplace issues such as diversity, harassment, healthy behaviors, team building, and development
  • Organizational Development: Strengthen supervisors skills to help them become more effective and efficient leaders
  • Career Transition Services: Reduce the negative impact of a workforce reduction, help client’s displaced employees in their job search while maintaining productivity and support of current employees
  • Crisis Management: Provides support to client’s employees during times of tragedy through expert 24/7 support
  • Voice Your Concern Report Line: Protect your client’s work environment through an affordable, anonymous employee reporting line designed to reduce lawsuits and employer liability

Why Ulliance? We offer quality commissionable products to help your clients:

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Improve employee emotional and physical health
  • Increase employee productivity and retention
  • Meet their specific employee needs through customized ongoing programs and quality services

Contact Ulliance today at 1-866-648-8326 to learn more about how we can help your clients create a healthier and more productive workforce.